Fairwood Christian Preschool

After much consideration, Fairwood Christian Preschool will begin the 2020-2021 school year with remote learning, at least through October 30th, 2020. We are following the lead of health officials, and school districts in making this difficult decision. We believe beginning the school year remotely is the best option for our entire community, given the current challenges presented by COVID-19, especially in South King County.

We have learned a great deal about remote learning from our experiences after being forced to close unexpectantly in March. We have worked over the summer to provide your child with the best school experience possible for the coming year. Although being inside the classroom is not safe, we plan to bring the classroom to your home. Children will be able to play, explore, and learn from home with the prompting of our experienced, dedicated teachers, using an interactive platform that allows for two way communication.

Children between the ages of 2 and 7 are in the preoperational stage, and it is developmentally inappropriate to expect their learning to be entirely screen based. Teaching will consist of age appropriate interactive teaching videos, group chats for social interaction, and assignments that piggyback on what they are learning in the videos. These assignments will inspire your child through hands on experiences related to the themes and concepts they are learning.

Remote relationship building is critical. Relationships are the bedrock of our schools. Our school year begins with Orientation on September 8th.  Students and their families will be assigned a specific time to come to school and meet their teacher and classmates in person, while socially distancing outdoors. Three other days will also be scheduled in September for outdoor social interaction. After these scheduled in person “classes” the interactions with students and teachers will be remote until we are able to return to the classroom.

Although we cannot be together in person, we can stay in touch and show we care. Teachers will connect with families during the week over the phone, through video chat, and by emailing.

At this time, we cannot predict how long we will remain in the remote learning model. Our goal is to begin in person instruction as soon as the health authorities advise it is safe. In the coming weeks, the teachers will be focusing on perfecting their remote learning plans. We want to support your children and families with the best possible in-home learning model we can.


Katie Jones

Preschool Director