A registration fee of $75.00 is due with the first month tuition at the time of registration. The registration fee and the first month tuition are non-refundable. Tuition is figured on the cost of running FCP for an entire school year and divided into nine (9) equal monthly payments as follows:

Monthly Tuition Installments:
3’s (2 days per week) $140.00
3/4’s AM (3 days per week) $185.00
4’s AM (3 days per week) $185.00
3/4’s PM (3 days per week) $175.00
K-Prep AM (5 days per week) $230.00
K-Prep PM (5 days per week) $220.00

Our school sponsors several fundraisers each year to help keep tuition costs down. Fundraisers are held in the fall and the spring. All families may participate in some or all fundraisers. Families are required to meet the goal of raising $100.00 profit per student for the year.

Some families prefer to make a payment of $100.00 and not participate in the fundraisers.