Academics in the Classroom

To keep our lessons interesting and varied, we have “Weekly Themes” that tie into all areas of learning. We will also have several “Focus letters” each week. Our qualified teachers will present these in the following areas below:

Socialization: Opportunities are provided for all parallel play and cooperative play. Children are encouraged to use their words and to problem-solve.

Practical Life: Experiences to help children master their environment without adult assistance – such as pouring, buttoning, and washing.

Dramatic Play: Children love to use their imagination and mimic life in our home and dress-up centers.

Sensorial: Experiences to help children become aware of their senses and use them for observation, comparison, and classification.

Math: Experiences to help children learn rote counting, number recognition, and associating the abstract symbol with the real-life quantity.

Science: Experiences in nature and natural laws.

Language: Experiences to help children learn letter recognition, phonics, and to form words by combining sounds.

Spiritual: Biblical truths and Christian principles will be shared through Bible stories, life application stories, puppet stories, object lessons, and teacher example.

Music: Experiences with musical instruments, rhythm, and singing simple songs.

Arts and Crafts: A balance of crafts and open-ended activities using a variety of materials. Individual creativity is strongly encouraged.

Physical: Experiences to foster development in balance and coordination.

Objective for the Emergent and Beginning Reading

Teaching children to enjoy being read to. Staff will involve them in shared reading, word recognition, memorization, and recognition of oral language patterns, even though they may not yet be able to connect them to print. Children should learn and know most letters and some book sense, left to right, front to back, and right side up. Beginning to make the connection between oral language and written material and read own writing. Pretend read and retell familiar literature. Read some words, and use memory and pictures to gain meaning from the material.

Objective for Emergent and Beginning Writing

Teaching children that drawing conveys a message. Children learn to copy letters, words, or sentences from the environment. Begin to use familiar letters and words as labels and write some familiar words from memory. Write with guidance, beginning to use spacing to define word boundaries, may use beginning, middle, and ending letters to represent words.

Objective for Math and Science

For children to begin to understand simple math concepts, enjoy the challenge of problem-solving, and gain an appreciation for the world around them. Begins to understand the basic laws of nature.

Objectives for Social Development

Providing parallel play and cooperative play for children. Teaching them to problem solve using words with respect to others. Helping children to understand the importance of rules and structure in a classroom setting.